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 For Advertisers


Seamless creative generation and delivery for marketers to increase the brand awareness and grab users’ attention.


Data management platform for brands to leverage the owned data in marketing activities.

Influencer analytics dashboard  with data-driven approach.

Self-served tool to proceed media buying in a simple way.

Why Smart Trading Desk?

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Smart Trading Desk offers one-stop solution for global marketers to discover and resolve pain points. Smart Trading Desk minimizes the gap and barrier between marketers and media so that marketers can easily reach out to the right media channels. Media channels are included but not limited to KOLs, we-media, social networks, online publishers, and mobile applications etc. Those channels can be implemented by high impact ad formats to raise the brand awareness.

Outcome-driven programmatic marketing

Empowered audience targeting to achieve direct media buying

Always-on and non-stop automation in creativity

High Impact Format

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