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Smart Launcher Terms of Service

Last updated: February, 2020

ucfunnel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) hereby provides the “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) for the Application ”ucfunnel APP” (hereinafter may be referred to as “ucfunnel APP”) to help you understand Company policy and procedure for collection, use and disclosure of personal data accessed by Company and services or software provided by it (the “ucfunnel Service”), including but not limited to, the “ucfunnel APP”, and the service or software released by Company. Please see other Terms and Conditions at [], so you may find more information about how to manage the data you choose to submit to the “ucfunnel Service”.

The “Policy” is only applicable to the data submitted by users to Company via the “ucfunnel Service”.

The “Policy” may be amended from time to time. In the case of any material change in the Policy, Company will post the new Policy on the “Website” or notify you of the same via the “ucfunnel APP”. We suggest that you should view the “Policy” periodically with a view to confirming whether any change in the Policy takes place.

Data collected by “Company”

Data – Data collected by “Company” and how it uses the data

”Company” will collect data from the “ucfunnel Service User” to make the same available to the “Website” and “ucfunnel Service” for upgrading efficiency and be allowed to manage and use the “ucfunnel Service” under the way to protect personal data and privacy by a user.

The personal data collected, processed and utilized by “ucfunnel Service” will be accessed by the “ucfunnel users” in the “ucfunnel Service”. We collect the data including but not limited to the “APPs in the user’s mobile device”, “album in the user’s mobile device”, “location and data about the access by the user” (hereinafter referred to as the “user’s data” Last updated: February 2020 collectively), and the “logs of the user’s access to the ucfunnel service”, as well as the “technical data and label data” accessed from the mobile device used by you.


The “user’s data” refer to those that, among the data downloaded by your mobile phone, is transmitted via the system platform or browser installed in your mobile phone with authority, and that are selected to be uploaded to the “ucfunnel Service” as a result of the user-experience-optimization to improve and develop related services upon your approval of the access to the “ucfunnel Service”, including but not limited to, your APP access logs, and the album, logs, and contents to which you grant the authority of access. Certainly, you may decide to grant or cancel the authority in the option of “Settings” in your mobile device at any time.

The “related logs about the user’s access to the ucfunnel Service” refer to the submissions selected by you (including but not limited to, the data you provide to “us” voluntarily) and any other information you make available to us for registration as an “ucfunnel Service user”, your labels or notes about photos, the quality of GPS observations reckoned or judged by the system voluntarily as a result of your access to the “unfunnel Service”, and the search and shopping logs based on the keywords you might use in the “ucfunnel Service”.

In the process of your use of the “ucfunnel Service”, the data which “Company” will ask to provide will include some data which would be identified as “Personal Data”. “Personal Data” include but are not limited to your name, phone number, email box, credit card number or other debit note information, as well as your home address and email address. Some “Personal Data” must be provided for the use of the “ucfunnel Service”, but you may also choose to provide additional “Personal Data” in your “ucfunnel Caller ID Data”. Further, you agree that the “Company” may compile and conclude the “anonymous statistic analysis data” from the “de-identified” personal data and “non-identifiable data”, with the authorization under the service terms and conditions.

”Company” might ask you for other data, e.g. your ”technical data and label data, which are generally identified as “Non-identifiable Data”, as such data per se cannot afford to identify your ID expressly. Notwithstanding, if the “Non-identifiable Data” may be combined in the manner sufficient to identify your ID directly or indirectly (e.g. combination of your street number and postal code), the relevant data will be identified as a part of your “Personal Data”.

Technical data and label data

When you access or interact with some service provided by “Company”, “Company” server will automatically record some data transmitted from your browser, so that “Company” might keep the log for the services you access in order to ensure that the “ucfunnel Service” may be available to you and meet your personal preference to help “Company” upgrade the “ucfunnel Service” quality and customize the Service. Company hereby appreciates your support to optimize our service and experience. Said technical data and label data include the related data and information recorded by the SDK applied to follow up the APPs and Ads in your device. Meanwhile, “Company” might also collect your IP address and detailed information about your browser, as well as the cookie stored in your browser (small-size text file).


You agree that such correlative information may help us study and gather statistics of unidentifiable personal information so as to upgrade the "ucfunnel Service" quality and customize the Service (including but not limited to, the advertisements and contents related to your preference). If you do not accept the “Company’s” collection, processing, and utilization of said correlative information, you may choose to stop accepting the program from us via the customer’s service channel, but you might not be able to use the " ucfunnel Service" in whole or in the party.


For the purpose of maintenance, we will link the user information collected by us to our server or to the central server managed by a third party subcontractor, and integrate, including but not limited to, the information about user's IP address, operating system, website system, type and edition of database, and the information provided by the "ucfunnel Service" to users, in order to input the similar information which might be needed by users as a value-added reference during their access to the Website.

Data compilation and non-identifiable data

”Company” will combine your “user's data” and “related logs about the user’s access to the ucfunnel Service” with the other ucfunnel Users’ data into the anonymous “Compiled Data”. All of the “Personal Data” included in the “Compiled Data” will be separated and encrypted, and all related logs will be replaced by random numbers. ” In the ucfunnel database, the Company is dedicated to completing de-identification with a series of long digit codes free from identifiable personal characteristics.

Service provider

Company might retain a third-party service provider to help it manage and provide the “ucfunnel Service”. Notwithstanding, unless the service provider is required to run the “Personal Data” involving the specific service you already agree, Company will not permit the service provider to access or contact your “Personal Data” when the data are not encrypted. For example, if you receive an email from the “ucfunnel Service”, the email management company commissioned by “Company” will have the chance to access your email address. “Company” will demand that the service provider should undertake and warrant in writing that it will not use the personal data accessed or contacted by them without permission or against laws, or for any other purposes.


In order to improve the “ucfunnel Service” quality, you agree that Company may make your “Personal Data” available to the external technical developers who have entered into the non-disclosure agreement with Company.

Cross-border transmission

Your data might be transmitted and stored in any computers located in the territories other than the territory, province (state) or country where you are located or in any other jurisdictions where no privacy protection is applicable availably like where you are located. If you are located in any country other than Taiwan and choose to provide your “Personal Data” to Company, the relevant data will be transmitted to Taiwan directly and be processed in Taiwan. If you agree to Company “Privacy Policy” and submit the data, you agree to such transmission.​

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the ”Company” will not be liable for any personal injury, or incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, including but not limited to, any loss of profit, loss of data, interruption of business or other business impairment or loss caused by your access to or failure to access the “ucfunnel App”, or the same caused by your login/access to or failure to access/log in the “ucfunnel Service”, irrelevant with whether it is based guarantee, contract, tort or any other legal requirements, or whether the ”Company” has been advised of the possibility of such injury or damages.​​

You acknowledge that the ”Company” shall not be liable for the following damages: (1) any third party’s contents uploaded to or downloaded from the “Website”, or via the “ucfunnel Service”; or (2) any dispute or effect arising between you and the third party from your access to the “ucfunnel Service”.

Link to other sites

The “Website” includes links to other sites. “Company” access to some website or display of some advertisement does not represent any affiliation with the third party, or acknowledgment, license or representation between “Company” and the third party. Company does not have control over the third party’s website. Therefore, when you visit other sites via the “Website” or “ucfunnel Service”, Company hopes you to read their privacy policies or statements carefully.

Notwithstanding, should you have any questions about “Company” Privacy Policy, please contact “Company” via []. Company will hold all liability for using “ ucfunnel Service” according to this Policy and all related Service terms.

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